Pocket chair


Ever go Somewhere and wished you had a chair. Well wish no more. This chair is great to fit in your purse and can hold up to 250 lbs. It feels a little weird sitting on it at first but I was surprised how well it holds you and how sturdy it is.

Hair FYI

Did you know that rising your hair with cold water will seal the hair cuticle Making your hair look shinier once it dries. So before you jump out the shower let the cold water run and rinse your hair and why not your body. Helps close your skin pores as well.

Another hair tip: don’t rub your hair dry with the towel, this is very damaging for your hair instead pat dry with the towel. Allow hair to naturally dry instead of using a blow drier. If you don’t have the time let your hair dry naturally at least 80% of the way.

Full Lips


Want full lips but afraid of needles… Lip fusion lipgloss makes your lips appear fuller. The lipgloss gives your lips a tingling sensation which helps plump the lip making it appear fuller.

Energizing Pomegranate Cleanser


I know I’m obsessed with murad products!  This is by far the best cleanser I have ever used, and the only one I use.  It’s not only a cleanser but it also has toner in it.  So your  beauty regiment will only consist of two steps instead of three. It removes all your makeup leaving your skin revitalize and oil free! 

Oh yeah and did I tell you that it’s also a great cleanser for men, my husband loves it!  Yes men are supposed to take care of their skin as well. Its only the largest organ in the human body and we only get one.

Brazillian Peel


Now you can achieve professional peel results at home.  For the price of one peel at a spa you can buy four peels at sephora.  It has a self neutralizing agent making it safe for at home use with professional strength.   Works pretty good! Noticed a nice glow immediately! I don’t have wrinkles yet so not sure if it works for that too; however, it claims that it helps with fine lines.