Breast Cup size Map

So yesterday I showed you the Penis map size by country today I bring you the map that shows were the biggest breast are.  Who would have thought russian’s have the biggest breast!  It shows that the US average size is D cup. I Wonder if its due to  obesity or because of plastic surgery.

Penis Size Map

So now we don’t only have maps that show us countries, states cities ect but they have created a map that shows us the average penis size by country. I guess I will be moving to Columbia, Venezuela or Bolivia!

United States Stereotype Map

“America in my book”

A Californian has created a US map filled with silly stereo types that Americans use for each US state.

Not that I agree with the map but thought I would share since some stereotypes  are funny and some are ignorant!

The Diva Cup

The DivaCup is a non-absorbent menstrual cup that simply collects menstrual flow. It is inserted in the vagina and sits at the lower base of the vaginal canal. It is worn internally, yet because it is soft and smooth, it cannot be felt nor will it leak when inserted properly         (diva

I don’t know about you but for me inserting something into my vagina to hold blood and then have to empty it out after 12 hours really makes me nauseous,besides the fact that it sounds gross!. On the other hand it does sound very convenient since you don’t have to be changing it every 2-4 hours like you would a regular pad, plus you could save about $150 a year from not buying pads on a monthly basis. You will also help the environment by eliminating your yearly garbage of 240 pads.   With all the advantages it has I’m still not Convinced I will continue to stick with pads for now!!