ABC cancels all my children and one life to live

Abc announces that all my children will be canceled in September and One life to live will follow ending in January 2012. These two shows have been part of abc for over 40 years. “One Life to Live” has been around since 1969, while “All My Children” first debuted in 1970. Both shows went on to win several Emmy awards.

Brian Frons, ABC’s daytime department president said on Thursday that “viewers are looking for different types of programming these days.”

The Los Angeles Times reports that ABC will replace the soaps with two lifestyle shows – “The Chew,” a food-oriented show co-hosted by Mario Batali, and “The Revolution” a makeover show hosted by Tim Gunn that focuses on “health and lifestyle transformations.”

I’m actually surprised how long they lasted. Really how much drama can be extended in peoples life’s to keep the soap interesting. They should of done it like the spanish novelas and had a new soap every 6-9 months. That way you capture new audiences every time.

Breast Cup size Map

So yesterday I showed you the Penis map size by country today I bring you the map that shows were the biggest breast are.  Who would have thought russian’s have the biggest breast!  It shows that the US average size is D cup. I Wonder if its due to  obesity or because of plastic surgery.

Penis Size Map

So now we don’t only have maps that show us countries, states cities ect but they have created a map that shows us the average penis size by country. I guess I will be moving to Columbia, Venezuela or Bolivia!

United States Stereotype Map

“America in my book”

A Californian has created a US map filled with silly stereo types that Americans use for each US state.

Not that I agree with the map but thought I would share since some stereotypes  are funny and some are ignorant!

CandyShell Card case for iphone 4


Ever Felt like leaving your purse at home, well Speck‘s has created a case for the iPhone 4 that allows you to carry up to three credits cards with you and why not a little cash.  Now I can go to the gym without worrying about my purse!